Cost Of Hiring Irish Ghostwriters

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Ghostwriters in Ireland?

Not everyone with a book published in their name is a wordsmith. After all, creativity and being good with words don’t usually accompany each other. So, if you have an amazing idea for a book, you can always hire a ghostwriter to pen it down. In fact, the concept of hiring ghostwriters is more popular now than ever.

But here’s a question that keeps individuals from pursuing their lifelong dream of publishing a book:  how much does it cost to hire ghostwriters? Truth be told, there’s not really a standard answer to this question. Several factors play a crucial role when it comes to the charges of a ghostwriter.

Don’t worry, though. This blog covers everything that you need to know about the cost of hiring an author to write a book on your behalf. Let’s get started!

Ghostwriter Hiring Charges: 3 Major Factors That Contribute To The Final Cost

1. The Length Of Your Book

It goes without saying – the lengthier the book, the higher the charges. However, if you are too concerned about the total expense, you can discuss the possibility of breaking down the payment into milestones.

This means you won’t have to pay the entire fee in one go; instead, you can gradually release payments as the project progresses. Plus, this approach is not only good due to the financial aspect, it also allows you to maintain a close connection with the ghostwriter throughout the period!

2. The Experience Of The Writer

Well, this one’s not difficult to figure out either. The experience of the writer you choose is another pivotal factor that influences the cost of ghostwriting. Seasoned writers come with a wealth of knowledge, honed skills, and a track record of delivering polished manuscripts. Naturally, their expertise comes at a premium.

You might be shocked when some ghostwriters quote triple the market price but it’s only because they know the value they bring to the table. Hiring a highly experienced writer for ghostwriting IE sure comes with a hefty price tag but, in our opinion, it’s completely worth it. Their years in the field enable them to produce remarkably well-structured drafts.

This means you spend less time reviewing and revising the work, as it’s already of high quality. The cost may be higher, but the efficiency and excellence they offer can ultimately save you both time and potential frustration.

However, if you don’t have enough budget, you can always opt for less experienced authors. Hiring a new writer doesn’t always mean subpar quality. They might be charging a lower fee to gain experience and build their portfolio, but they can also be equally talented and committed.

3. The Genre Of Your Book

At first glance, you might think that a writer’s fees should remain constant regardless of the genre they are working on. We hate to burst your bubble, but this is completely untrue. In fact, the genre of your book can substantially impact the cost of ghostwriting. Literature is quite a diverse world, and various genres require different levels of creativity, effort, and research.

For instance, fiction tends to be the most affordable genre to ghostwrite. This is because fiction allows writers to let their imagination run wild, without worrying about factual accuracy. Writers can play with words as much as they like and create unique narratives, making the process less time-intensive compared to other genres.

On the other hand, when it comes to genres like memoirs and non-fiction, a different dynamic is at play. This genre necessitates delving into real events, historical contexts, and accurate information.

Hence, the writer needs to invest a significant amount of time in research, fact-checking, and ensuring that every detail aligns with reality. And you are not just paying for the author’s vocabulary – their time counts for something too! 

Now that you know the three elements that influence the charges, here is a general estimate of how much does it cost to hire ghostwriters:

  • Fiction & Non-Fiction: £150 to £300 (for up to 20 pages)
  • E-Books: £1500 to £4000 (for up to 300 pages)
  • Academic: £150 to £500 (for up to 30 pages)
  • Content: £200 to £500 (for up to 6 pages)

Choosing The Right Ghostwriter For Your Book

Price alone is not enough to determine if a ghostwriter is the right match for you. It’s important to ensure that you both are on the same page before moving ahead with the decision of hiring them. Here’s how you can find the best book ghostwriting services in Ireland:

Test Their Skills

Hearing about their experience isn’t going to help you, their skills are. The ghostwriter should have impressive storytelling skills along with the ability to clearly deliver a message. Plus, you should also inquire about their expertise. They could be more experienced in ghostwriting blog posts, and e-books might not be their forte. It’s important to make sure the writer you end up hiring is comfortable with the type of ghostwriting you want done.

Request To See Previous Samples

When we think about purchasing something new, the first thing we do is check out some reviews. In this case, you should ask the writer to show some relevant samples of their work. Going through their writing can give you a sense of their skills and expertise. It can also help you determine if the ghostwriter is qualified enough to undertake your project.

See If They Can Portray Your Voice

Not everyone can adopt someone else’s style and voice, but you don’t want to lose your voice in the process of getting your book ghostwritten. Hence, it’s vital to check if the writer can work with the tone you have in mind.

Take a quick glance at their samples again and see if they all are written in the same style. If so, it’s unlikely the writer would be able to portray you the way you like. However, if every sample is written differently, it’s a big green flag!

Be Open About Your Needs

Ghostwriting for someone is a challenging job because it’s not easy to get into someone’s mind and pen down their ideas. Make sure to communicate all your needs with the author beforehand. Remember, the clearer you are, the better the manuscript will be. Hence, be as precise as you can, allowing the writer to understand you.

Key Takeaway:

You now have the answer to how much does it cost to hire ghostwriters, but if you’re wondering whether the price is worth it, let us help you decide: Publishing a book in your name is an honor not everyone is fortunate enough to receive. So, if you have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life, we suggest seizing it at all costs.

The thought of spending so much money on ghostwriting services might not sound wise at first, but when you hold your book for the first time – it will be all worth it! Remember, you don’t need to rush to reach a decision. Take your time to think it through and when you finally set out on the hunt of a ghostwriter, make sure you remember everything you learned in this article!